Cummins-Wagner and Quadro: A Power Duo

Quadro has been at the forefront of mixing manufacturing since its inception in 1976. Headquartered in Waterloo, Canada, Quadro serves over 80 countries with a selection of machinery imported internationally. In 2007, the company became part of IDEX and is now a member of its material processing division. Cummins-Wagner is the Quadro distributor of choice for clientele throughout the state of Florida.

Cummins-Wagner offers these Quadro Products, and more:

Inline emulsifier mixers

  • The inline mixers at Quadro provide consistent and controlled mixing across a variety of applications including emulsifying, wet milling or grinding, suspension deagglomeration, texturizing and fine-particle dispersion.

Industrial powder dispersers

  • Quadro’s dispersers are ideal for difficult-to-wet powder applications in industries such as personal care, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemical, and food & beverage.

Homogenizer mixers

  • Featuring the lowest cost per kg-hr in the industry, the homogenizer mixers at Quadro can be used in submicron emulsions, drug suspensions or API milling, topical formulations, and chemical applications.

Low shear mixers

  • The highly efficient, in-tank mixers at Quadro are utilized in liquid blending, solids suspension and dissolving applications.

Cummins-Wagner offers Quadro Mixers in the following territory:

Florida (serving the entire state), with offices in Tampa and Jacksonville, FL.

Experts in Mixing Solutions


Cummins-Wagner is your resident expert in industrial distribution, including mixing machinery. We specialize in providing a wide range of tools for use in fields such as pharmaceuticals and personal care. If you are seeking high-performance and high-capacity technology for your operation, Cummins-Wagner can deliver. We offer a full range of Quadro products for every step of your mixing and material processing operation.

An Investment in Quadro Is an Investment in Quality

Quadro offers the best in its class. Its single-pass technology results in reduced processing times for each batch, optimized used of raw ingredients for minimal waste, and the highest rate of product repeatability and quality. Designed specifically for use with thickening agents and dry powders, these tools produce superior results and make Quadro the obvious choice for an investment in mixing and shearing machinery. Inquire for details regarding specific machine availability. We take pride in providing our clients with the right Quadro technology for each unique specification.