Cummins-Wagner Is a Zeks Distributor

Zeks began in 1959 as a company dedicated to manufacturing products that improve people’s quality of life. Zeks began by developing the first cycling compressed air dryer and went on to produce other items such as mist eliminators, filters and other accessories for air dryers. The company continues to provide high-quality, innovative products as well as the best customer service possible in its field.

Cummins-Wagner Offers Zeks Products Such As:

  • Refrigerated air dryers, which help to cool inside air and lower the indoor humidity level
  • Desiccant air dryers, which help to clean the air by drawing in moisture
  • Air filters, which help to catch small particles in the air that may be unhealthy to breathe

In addition to products, Zeks offers 24/7 Zeks air dryer repair services in case a Zeks compressed air system breaks down. If someone is looking to purchase a new system, Cummins-Wagner offers an audit for business owners to help them decide which product or products would be best for them to purchase. The professionals at Cummins-Wagner are trained in engineering and, more specifically, compressed air system design.

Cummins-Wagner offers Zeks Products in the following territories:

  • Maryland (including Washington DC, DE, Northern VA, and Eastern Panhandle of WV), with offices in Baltimore and Salisbury MD.
  • Pennsylvania (serving Central and Eastern PA), with an office in Elizabethtown PA.
  • Philadelphia (serving surrounding area, southern NJ, and New Castle County), with an office in Wilmington DE.
  • Virginia (serving the state of VA), with an office in Ashland, VA.

Leaders in Compressed Air Systems

Cummins-Wagner works with many manufacturers that offer compressed air systems, dryers and more. Cummins-Wagner realizes the importance of having fresh indoor air in terms of health and energy efficiency. They realize that energy costs make up a significant portion of the expenses related to owning a compressed air system. Because of this, Cummins-Wagner works with companies to make sure that their compressed air systems are working as efficiently as possible.

Benefits of Using Zeks

There are many benefits of working with Zeks distributors such as Cummins-Wagner. Zeks products are on the cutting edge of their industry and are designed to leave as little waste as possible. In fact, Zaks’ flagship product is a dryer that cycles on and off as needed, which helps companies save money and electricity.

Want To Work With Cummins-Wagner: Zeks Distributors?

If you need a compressed air system, consider working with Zeks distributors such as Cummins-Wagner for comprehensive sales and service. Contact us for more information.