Chemical Feed Systems

Operating out of our Jacksonville facility, our Engineered Systems Group designs and assembles chemical feed and injection systems for a variety of markets including: Pulp & Paper, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical & Biotech, Chemical & Petrochemical, Steel, Power Generation, Water & Wastewater Treatment, and General Industrial.

cummins-wagner florida chemical feed system example photo

Your packaged system is completely assembled on a skid and delivered to your site ready to work for you. With an expert staff of application engineers and a team of experienced service and assembly technicians, we have the capability to design and manufacture a custom-engineered chemical feed and/or injection system to meet your processing requirements. Everything from design to complete system testing (hydraulic, electrical, process control) is done at our shop.

Most importantly, we’ll be here to provide continued support by fine-tuning, maintaining and servicing your system to keep it working at the optimal level.

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All systems are built with quality components to help deliver high performance and long life. Our Cummins-Wagner Florida chemical feed systems example picturechemical metering skids include all accessories necessary for safe and reliable operation. Cummins-Wagner can help you choose the right materials for construction and the right components for your application.

We make the process quick & easy for you to offer a solution that fits your customer’s requirements.

  • Complete a FAST form specific to chemical feed systems (link above).
  • Contact Cummins-Wagner for pricing.
  • Review Specifications and provide approval.
  • The customer places orders directly to Cummins-Wagner.