Florida Repair/Field Service

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Repair & Installation Services

We provide engineering and contracting services for in-plant installations and modifications within your facility. From developing process flow and instrumentation drawings, to managing turnkey installations, our highly trained and experienced project managers can assure your equipment installation is completed with quality workmanship. We finish on schedule, minimizing your down time and maximizing your profits.

Your Authorized Certified Pump Repair Center

The factory-certified Pump Repair Program provides you with a quick turnaround on maintenance and repair work for main industry lines, such as the Waukesha SPX Rotary Positive Displacement (RPD) Pumps. After extensive training and on-site certification, we are factory-approved to perform certified pump repairs at our facility.

Our experienced technicians work closely with you to provide the most efficient and effective service.

As a representative of individual equipment manufacturers, we offer repair and maintenance for our distribution product lines as well as for competitive brands. We repair a great variety of pumps, specializing in centrifugal pumps and positive displacement pumps.

We have invested in equipment, inventory, and training to become a Waukesha SPX Certified Pump Repair Center, performing repair and maintenance to support your immediate pump repair needs.

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