Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco at Siewert Equipment

Siewert Equipment Offers the Following Atlas Copco Products

Oil-free Rotary Screw Blowers

  • Positive displacement screw blowers protect all your critical processes in low pressure applications.
  • Variable speed drive technology helps you save even more money by adjusting the air pressure flow and motor speed to your specific needs.

Oil-free Rotary Lobe Blowers

  • The tri-lobe technology is easy to service and requires a low capital investment.
  • Designed for maximum reliability even in harsh conditions.

Multistage Centrifugal Air Blowers

  • High process uptime even in high risk or harsh environments.
  • Highly reliable, limited maintenance design.

High-speed Mag-bearing Turbo Blowers

  • High speed turbo blowers are known for their highly efficient operation, resulting in low energy consumption and total cost of ownership.
  • The Atlas Copco ZB VSD⁺ high speed turbo blowers are an ideal fit for the aeration applications on large wastewater treatment plants.

Cummins-Wagner offers Atlas Copco Blowers in the following territory:

New York (serving all Upstate NY) through Siewert Equipment, with offices in Rochester, Albany, Buffalo, and Syracuse.

Experts in Wastewater Technology

Every category of blowers offers you dependable products that fit your application. Explore the categories of Atlas Copco blowers and other products available through Siewert Equipment to see why we’re your leading source of wastewater solutions.

Benefits of Atlas Copco Products

Ethical, sustainable products are a critical part of the Atlas Copco mission. When you choose a Atlas Copco blower or other product from Cummins-Wagner, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • Responsible sourcing
  • The highest ethical standards
  • Innovative products
  • Products designed by a diverse and inclusive team

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