Eesco Pump & Valve | Cummins-Wagner

Our Team

Our trained team is knowledgeable about repairs and rebuilding of high speed rotating equipment. With many years of hands-on experience, our technicians are the best in the field. You can depend on EESCO to keep your pumps, motors, and other equipment running like new.

Our Customers

EESCO has a diversified clientele consisting of industrial, marine, commercial, institutional, municipal, and Federal Government customers. Most of our customers are within commuting distance from our shop. Geographically, we cover the state of Maryland, Northern Virginia, and the District of Columbia.

EASA Member

EESCO is a member of the Electric Apparatus Service Association, and as such, all of our electric motor repairs are performed in accordance with EASA standards. EESCO’s electric motor shop has a stator rewind capability of up to 300 HP for standard motors, and submersible pump motors. General service is available to motors above 300 HP, depending upon the frame and configuration. EESCO is also an authorized service and warranty center for ABS Pumps, Marathon Electric Motor, and Franklin Electric Motor. EESCO is a distributor for Baldor Electric, A.O.Smith, and General Electric motors.


Service is performed at our shop or for better convenience, at a customer’s facility. EESCO performs mechanical contractor/millwright functions, such as the installation of replacement equipment. Six utility body service trucks are utilized in our service with 4 that are outfitted with one-ton crane hoists. We have one 14’ stake body truck, and one 10’ stake body truck with a two-ton crane hoist, which is used for the transport of materials and equipment.

Computer-assisted laser optical alignment equipment is used on all shop and field alignments, where applicable. On-site field machining services are available for certain applications. Vibration analysis, dynamic balancing, and dielectric test equipment are all field portable. We can guarantee our local pump repair facility can restore your pumps and other industrial equipment to work like new.

Eesco performs service and repair work to a variety of equipment, however, our efforts are concentrated in the following areas:

  • Rotating Machinery
  • Pumps
  • Air Handling Fans
  • Cooling Towers
  • Gear Reducers
  • Electric Motors
  • General Machine Shop
  • In-Plant Maintenance

Our Facility

Located in Southwest Baltimore, our facility includes approximately 17,000 square feet of fully equipped shop and storage space.

To better serve you we also have all of the necessary equipment to get the job done. Here is an overview of what we have on hand to complete your project:

Machine Shop and Service Shop Equipment

  • 7 Engine-lathes: maximum swing 40″ X 192″ centers
  • 2 Vertical turret lathes: maximum swing 48″
  • 1 48″ radial drill press • 1 Bridgeport milling machine
  • 1 #2 Cincinnati horizontal milling machine
  • 1 #4 Kearney & Trecher horizontal milling machine
  • Ceramic, Hard coating and Metal Spray System
  • Maintenance Shop Tool Room
  • Dynamic Balancer: 72″ swing X 6000 pound capacity
  • Material handling capacity in excess of 8000 lbs
  • Vertical & Horizontal Presses, up to 100 ton capacity
  • Miscellaneous: Grinders, Saws, Welding Machines, Sandblasting &
  • Cleaning Equipment, Portable Hoists

Test Equipment

  • Hydrostatic Test Stand
  • Biddle 5000 Volt Insulation Resistance Meter
  • Surge Comparison and High Potential Meters
  • Lexseco Core Loss Tester
  • Vibration Analysis Meters