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Siewert Equipment Offers These Brentwood Products and more:

Biological Treatment

  • Fixed-film systems use structured-sheet media
  • Efficient and stable biological treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater
  • Trickling filter and AccuFAS

Tube Settlers

  • Increase treatment capacity without large footprint
  • Integrate with sludge collector systems
  • Engineered for maximum structural integrity


  • Industry standard for non-metallic chain and flight sludge collectors
  • Lightweight plastic alternative to function efficiently in any water or wastewater treatment system
  • Polychem Solutions Evaluation Program: asset management for existing chain and flight systems; on-site analysis of existing rectangular clarifiers


  • Sediment dredge system for water treatment
  • Operation beneath tube and plate settlers

Siewert Equipment offers Brentwood products in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany, and all across Upstate New York.

Experts in Process Equipment

Our application engineers will be able to recommend the best-fit product for your specific application so that you get the process equipment that is suited for your needs with the most efficient and cost-effective products. Siewert Equipment also offers 24/7 service on all products we carry and more.

Benefits of Brentwood Products

Brentwood Industries prioritizes innovation and customer solutions above all else, leading the company to take on a wide array of diverse projects to meet their customer’s needs. This spirit carries through to its water and wastewater division and the process equipment it manufactures. With its expertise in thermoformed plastics and the desire to meet new challenges, Brentwood water and wastewater process equipment are now some of the best on the market.

  • High-quality products
  • Support from planning to post-completion
  • Evaluation of current process when evaluating new design
  • Dedication to delivering high-performance
  • Focus on meeting customer needs
  • Impressive product reliability

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