Hydro-Dyne Engineering

Hydro-Dyne Engineering at Siewert Equipment

Hydro-Dyne Engineering, a leading manufacturer of quality screening and grit removal equipment, strives to protect critical water and wastewater processes in the municipal and industrial sectors. For more than 40 years, Hydro-Dyne has been known and respected for its innovation and quality screening equipment that is used to improve and protect the processes of its customers. 

Siewert Equipment Offers the Following Hydro-Dyne Products:

Coarse Through-flow and Rake Screens

  • Course, heavy-duty, stainless steel through-flow and rake screens to protect your processes

Fine Band Screens

  • Fine screening to protect sensitive downstream processes

Washer Compactors

  • Designed to wash and compact screenings thoroughly

Vortex Grit Removal System

  • Low-maintenance system boasting high efficiency, low energy cost and low headloss

Traveling Band Screens

  • Stainless steel and high quality traveling band screens for water applications

Experts in Process Equipment

Siewert Equipment has been a leading expert in pump systems, process equipment, and mixing technology since 1949. Our application engineers will be able to recommend the best-fit product for your specific application so that you get the process equipment system that is suited for your needs. 
Siewert Equipment also offers 24/7 service on all products we carry and more.

Benefits of Hydro-Dyne Products

Hydro-Dyne has a more than 40-year legacy of innovation and excellence. The company strives to maintain high integrity, bring excellence in all they do, and contribute to cleaner environments and sustainability.  Some other benefits of Hydro-Dyne include:

  • Stainless steel products
  • Dedication to efficiency
  • Reliable water and wastewater processing equipment
  • Comprehensive line of processing equipment
  • High performance
  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • Individual machine flow capacity ranging from 0.1 MGD (5 L/s) to more than 160 MGD (7,000 L/s)

Learn More About Hydro-Dyne

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