Gould’s Split-Case Pump – Southern Tier, New York

The Challenge:

For over half a century, since its installation in 1972, this remarkable pump has faithfully served its duty. Throughout these 51 years, Siewert Equipment has stood as a reliable partner, providing both sales and service to ensure the smooth operation of this facility. 
When the call for repair came in, signaling a need to restore the hydraulic performance of this split case Centrifugal pump, Siewert’s dedicated Reliability Service Group (RSG) promptly arrived on-site, armed with experienced resources performed an in-depth inspection and presented the customer with a comprehensive repair procedure. 
This pump is no ordinary machine, boasting an impressive weight of 11,500 pounds and an ability to propel 20,000 gallons per minute (GPM) while overcoming a head of 200 feet (TDH), all powered by a robust 1,250 horsepower electric motor. To undertake the task, Siewert Equipment’s mechanical sub-contractor carefully extracted the pump and transported it to our Albany NY service center, where it underwent full disassembly and meticulous inspection. 

The Solution:

With the customer’s request for a swift turnaround, we took up the challenge and not only met but exceeded expectations, all the while orchestrating significant cost savings for the customer. Our adept technicians diligently repaired and rebalanced the pump’s rotating element within our workshop, expertly reassembling it to OEM tolerances within the casing and prepared for subsequent hydro-testing. 
A hydro-test was performed within our shop, conducted at the authentic system pressure. Newly incorporated Flowserve Seals, a custom recommendation made in collaboration with Flowserve Application engineers to replace the failed mechanical seals furnished by a prior supplier, demonstrated remarkable performance during hydraulic testing.

The Result:

The pump, now restored to its original splendor in a striking blue hue, was returned to the customer ahead of schedule. Upon its on-site installation, our reliability engineers oversaw the installation process, conducted a meticulous laser alignment and recommissioned the pump for service. 
In the end, not only was the historical continuity of this enduring pump preserved, but its performance was revitalized to continue its mission for years and decades to come.