Hydro-Dyne Through Flow Screen – Village of Mexico, New York

Village of Mexico NY Water Resource FacilityPROBLEM:

Village of Mexico, NY Public Works

The Village of Mexico’s 300,000 GPD water resource recovery facility was experiencing excessive rags and debris in its primary clarifiers.

Hydro-Dyne Bull Shark Through Flow Fine Screen with Whitetip Shark Washing CompactorSOLUTION:

Hydro-Dyne Bull Shark Through Flow Screen

After a thorough evaluation of multiple screening technologies, plant personnel chose to install the Bull Shark Through Flow screen in the main sewage pump station feeding the plant. The setup also included the Whitetip Shark Washing Compactor. For this setup, the front load grid type is 6mm stainless steel laced link. Flow rates are .26 MGD, 1.85 MGD max.

Since installation, the Hydro-Dyne screen has successfully eliminated the debris and ragging problem in the primary clarifiers. Plant personnel are very happy with the performance of the screen, washer and compactor.

(Testimonial courtesy of John Power, Supt. of Public Works, Village of Mexico)

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