Hydro-Dyne Fine Screen – Water Recovery Facility

Closeup of Hydro-Dyne screen and bar spacing


A Two MGD Water Resource Recovery Facility in NY

The facility is designed with a peak flow of 12.5 MGD. During a recent upgrade, a multirake bar screen was purchased for the headworks. It was estimated that the multirake captures about 30% to 40% of the screenings material.

After commissioning, it was quickly discovered that rags and screenings were getting through the multirake, causing issues with the SBR decanter, clogging pumps and the disk filters.


Hydro-Dyne Great White Center Flow Fine Screen with Whitetip Shark Washing CompactorSOLUTION & RESULTS:

Hydro-Dyne Great White Center Flow Fine Screen

This screen and the Whitetip Shark Washing Compactor were installed downstream of the multirake by change order.

It was estimated that the new screen captures 85% to 90% of the screenings material.

The result: no more issues with screenings clogging equipment downstream of the Hydro-Dyne fine screen, and the Water Resource Recovery Facility is running great.

It’s not only the bar spacing, but the type of screen that matters.

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