Hydro-Dyne Screens – Watertown, New York


Watertown Sewage Treatment Plant

The Watertown Sewage Treatment Plant was experiencing continual plugging of its RAS and WAS pumps and ragging in its primary clarifiers.

Photo from above of one Hydro-Dyne Great White Center Flow screen, 30-foot tall, with screenings captured. SOLUTION:

Hydro-Dyne Great White Center Flow Screen

Plant operators chose to install two Hydro-Dyne Great White Center Flow screens. The two 30-foot tall screens were sized to 8 MGD average and 20 MGD max.

Since start-up of the two new screens, all plugging has stopped and clarifiers are clean.

Hydro-Dyne’s Great White Center Flow screens helped the Watertown plant significantly reduce maintenance expense and downtime across the plant.

(Testimonial courtesy of Mark Crandall, Chief Operator, Watertown Sewage Treatment Plant)

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