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For over 50 years, Environment One Corporation (E/One) has been an industry-leading manufacturer of innovative low pressure sewer systems, which uses small-diameter pipes and grinder pumps. E/One is headquartered in Upstate New York but reaches the entire industrialized world with its revolutionary products. E/One is dedicated to solving the unique challenges that come with residential sewage management.

Siewert Equipment offers the following E/One Products:

Sewage Grinder Pumps:

  • A variety of pumps with a wide range of heights, tanks, inlets, and basins  
  • Low Pressure Sewer (LPS) Applications

Alarm Panels:

  • Designed for simplex, duplex, quadrex pump stations
  • E/One Sentry Advisor: remote monitoring system

E/One’s Upgrade Pumps:

  • Ideal for replacing failing centrifugal grinder pumps
  • Designed to fit into any wet well tank with easy drop-in installation

OEM Replacement Grinder Pump Parts:

  • Cores, Supply Cables, Stators, Impeller Assembly, Pressure Switches, Cutter Wheels, and more

Siewert Equipment: Experts in Grinder Pump Stations

We have been a leading expert in municipal pump systems since 1949. Our application engineers will be able to recommend the best-fit product for your specific application so that you get the pump system that is suited for your needs with the most efficient and cost-effective products.

Siewert Equipment offers Environment One products in the New York territory which services Upstate NY and the surrounding areas, with offices in Albany, Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse. For more information on successful grinder pump installations in our territory, check out the E/One customer testimonials and case studies we have collected over the past seven years.

Grinder Pump Repair

Siewert Equipment provides
unmatched service to E/One customers. With service centers in Albany and Rochester, our OEM certified technicians are able to diagnose problems, repair pumps, and replace parts for all E/One grinder pumps. 

Benefits of Environment One Products

For more than 50 years, Environment One has been on the leading edge of residential sewage solutions. E/One offered one of the first low-pressure, gravity-independent, contour-following sewage collection systems, and will continue to innovate to meet more challenges faced by the industry.

Some other benefits of E/One products include:

  • Economical and effective at sewering difficult landscapes
  • Does not disrupt the landscape or damage already-built structures
  • Reduces cost of housing, both initial and ongoing
  • No preventative maintenance required

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