Goulds Water Technology

Goulds at Cummins-Wagner and Siewert Equipment

For over a century, Goulds Pumps has been a staple in pump technology, offering innovative solutions to meet the world’s most challenging fluid movement needs.

With a reputation for quality and reliability, Goulds serves a global market, providing expertise and innovation in the design and manufacturing of pumps for a wide range of applications.

Cummins-Wagner and Siewert Equipment Offer These Goulds Products and More:

Centrifugal Pumps:

  • Known for their efficiency and reliability, these pumps are ideal for a variety of applications, from water supply to industrial processing. From single-stage models ideal for water supply and distribution to multi-stage pumps designed for high-pressure operations in industrial processes, these pumps are engineered to meet diverse operational demands with ease.

Submersible Pumps:

  • Designed for durability, these pumps excel in wastewater treatment and deep well applications. Goulds’ submersible pumps are renowned for their durability and performance under pressure.

Booster Pumps:

  • Perfect for increasing water pressure in commercial and residential systems, ensuring consistent water delivery. These booster pumps are engineered for reliability and easy integration into existing systems.

Sump Pumps:

  • For effective basement and low-lying area dewatering, Goulds Pumps offers a range of sump pumps designed to handle varying water volumes and solids sizes. The SPBB Battery Backup Sump Pump System provides peace of mind during power outages.

Cummins-Wagner and Siewert Equipment Offers Goulds Products in These Territories:

  • Maryland (including Washington DC, DE, Northern VA, and Eastern Panhandle of WV), with offices in Baltimore and Salisbury MD.
  • New York (serving all Upstate NY) through Siewert Equipment, with offices in Rochester, Albany, Buffalo, and Syracuse.
  • Pennsylvania (serving Central and Eastern PA), with an office in Elizabethtown PA.

Experts in Commercial & Industrial Pumps

Cummins-Wagner has served as a leading expert in pump products since 1960.  We can recommend pumps that offer the best fit for your application. We also supply Weinman parts for the maintenance and repair of your pumping equipment and 24/7 support on all of the products we sell.

Benefits of Goulds Products

Goulds products are known as the best pumps on the market, at the pinnacle of quality and innovation. Engineered for reliability, reducing downtime and maintenance costs, Goulds features high-efficiency designs and robust construction, which offers significant operational advantages.

Cummins-Wagner’s and Siewert Equipment’s partnership with Goulds Pumps means our customers benefit from cutting-edge technology and expert support, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. For quality, you can depend on, shop at Cummins-Wagner and Siewert Equipment.