Lightnin (SPX FLOW)

Lightnin at Siewert Equipment & F.R. Mahony

Lightnin is a brand under SPX FLOW, a leading global supplier of industrial and manufacturing equipment. Established in 1923, Lightnin is globally respected for its innovative mixing technology that aids numerous industries with products designed for use in fluid processing systems. Lightnin’s primary manufacturing facility is in Rochester, NY, resulting in local service and support, and lower freight costs. This partnership with Siewert Equipment means Lightnin service and products ready and available to fit your application.

Siewert Equipment Offers These Lightnin Products and More:

Surface and Subsurface Aeration Mixers

  • Used in municipal wastewater treatment

Sanstar Series Sanitary Mixers

  • Sealed or sealless mixers prevent contamination for both small or large tank volumes

Mixing Design Consulting Services

  • In-house customer testing laboratory helps with determining opportunities for improvement

In-line and Tank Mixers

  • Top-entry, bottom-entry, and side-entry available

Aftermarket Services

  • Gearbox Replacement Exchange, Conversion Mixer Exchange, Reducer Mixer Exchange for Lightnin and competitive models

Lightnin OEM Replacement Parts

  • Contact us below

Cummins-Wagner offers Lightnin Mixers in the following territories:

  • New York (serving all Upstate NY) through Siewert Equipment, with offices in Rochester, Albany, Buffalo, and Syracuse.
  • New England (serving MA, NH, ME, RI, CT, and VT) through F.R. Mahony, with offices in Rockland and Southbridge, MA.

For more information, follow this link to view our Lightnin Mixer customer testimonials

Experts in Mixing Technology

Siewert Equipment and F.R. Mahony have been leading experts in pump systems, process equipment, and mixing technology since 1949. Our application engineers will be able to recommend the best-fit product for your specific application so that you get the mixing system that is suited for your needs. 

Benefits of SPX FLOW Products

According to SPX FLOW, the company values its customers above all else, and its values extend to all brands under the SPX FLOW name. SPX FLOW products are created by a highly specialized company with a legacy of experience. Some other benefits include:

  • Long-lasting mixers
  • Engineered solutions
  • Focus on new product development
  • Trusted durability
  • Sales in 150 countries worldwide

Learn More About Lightnin

Watch these SPX Flow Lightnin mixing technology videos on our Siewert Equipment YouTube playlist:

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