Seepex at Cummins-Wagner and Siewert Equipment

SEEPEX has taken a leading role in the technology, service and customization of progressive cavity pumps for nearly 50 years. Headquartered in Bottrop, Germany, SEEPEX has more than 800 employees worldwide and specializes in manufacturing advanced pump technology that efficiently conveys highly viscous or abrasive substances at low pulsation rates. Their high quality, reliable, and cost-effective products are why customers choose to use SEEPEX equipment again and again.

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Cummins-Wagner offers these SEEPEX Products, and more:

Progressive Cavity Pumps

  • Capable of handling a variety of viscous fluids with a smooth flow where high discharge pressure is required. The Progressive Cavity Pumps from SEEPEX feature swift servicing, simple handling, and shorter downtimes.


  • SEEPEX macerators promote increased operational safety, extended service life of downstream equipment, and lower operational costs by macerating the components in pumped products.


  • The shaft seals from SEEPEX provide an all-purpose, cost-efficient, and robust solution to your need for reliable rotating shaft seals.

Conveyor and Control systems

  • Take control of your process with custom conveyor and control systems from SEEPEX. Their standardized control functions and electronics¬†protect your pumps and ensure reliability.

Rotors and Stators

  • Low operating costs and long service life are promoted through less wear and corrosion resistance. In addition, the rotors and stators from SEEPEX meet the highest quality requirements and high efficiency is guaranteed.

Seepex Parts

  • Three year warranty on all parts, including wear parts like rotors, stators, seals, and universal joints.

Cummins-Wagner offers SEEPEX Pumps & Products in the following territories:

  • Maryland (including Washington DC, DE, Northern VA, and Eastern Panhandle of WV), with offices in Baltimore and Salisbury MD.
  • New York¬†(serving all Upstate NY) through Siewert Equipment, with offices in Rochester, Albany, Buffalo, and Syracuse.

Robust Aftermarket Services

After helping a company find the right engineered solutions for its operations, our team at Cummins-Wagner provides solid customer service. We install, maintain and repair all of the industry-leading brands that we distribute. This has been our commitment for more than 70 years. As SEEPEX distributors, our commitment to service continues for many years. Our goal is to make sure your equipment reaches its full potential.

Excellent Product Line

As a worldwide specialist in pump technology, SEEPEX offers a full line of products such as SEEPEX stators to keep materials flowing in many industries. The company is known for reliable and cost-efficient solutions. They offer customized solutions for the unique needs of various companies.

Seepex Smart Conveying Technology means quick and easy disassembly. The top half of the stator can be removed to gain access for visual inspection of rotor and stator and easy blockage removal. As SEEPEX distributors, we are in a position to provide the latest in progressive cavity pumps and digital solutions and other applications.

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