Seepex Pumps – City of Fulton, New York

Old piston pump being replaced in a wastewater treatment plant in fulton nyBefore…

The city of Fulton, NY’s wastewater treatment plant had been using piston pumps for years for their sludge application. In 2019, the plant upgraded two of the piston pumps to Seepex progressive cavity pumps. The new technology has been working well, and the plant is currently replacing the remaining two piston pumps that were damaged due to a flood with more Seepex BN Range pumps.



New Seepex progressive cavity pumps replacing old piston pumps in NY WWTP

Kevin Fowler at Fulton WWTP described the Seepex pumps as cleaner, quieter, with a more steady flow compared to the old piston pumps. The split stator pumps allow for much easier maintenance as there are no special tools required, removing pipework is not necessary, and workers can adjust for loss of flow.

Seepex Smart Conveying Technology means quick and easy disassembly. The top half of the stator can be removed to gain access for visual inspection of rotor and stator and easy blockage removal. Fulton WWTP also has the Seepex Dry Running Protection Device TSE, which monitors the temperature of the stator and alarms when the set limit is reached.

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