Amphidrome® System

The process utilizes a Biologically Active Filter (BAF) operating as a sequencing batch reactor. The reactor maintains a high fixed film biomass concentration averaging an equivalent of 12,000 Volatile suspended solids per liter.

The result is a system with a small footprint that is unaffected by variations in flow and mass loadings. The media also provides physical filtration eliminating the need for solids separation after the biological treatment process. Nitrification and denitrification are attained in a single reactor, and a polishing Plus® reactor is utilized for stringent total nitrogen (TN) limits.

Large Systems

The Amphidrome® system has been used successfully for over 15 years in over 110 applications. We have experience in a wider range of applications, including the nitrification of wastewater at cold temperatures (ColdNite® System). To date, our reactors have been applied to systems as large as 0.5 MGD.

Single Family Systems

Our system for single-family houses is unsurpassed when stringent Total Nitrogen (TN) limits are imposed. It has undergone US EPA ETI testing and other third-party evaluations.