Training & Events | New England

F.R. Mahony offers seminars and training:

We offer training for Engineers, Operators, and Installers and can come to you. Contact us, we provide coordination and instructors for 1-2 hour+ lunch and learns at your location.

Installer Training for Environment One grinder pumps:

We offer installer training as an important resource that provides long term customer satisfaction.

If it goes in right, it will work right. Its all about the details


We will hold an installer training for local installers at your facility, so they can be certified.

Installers and Municipalities

We hold periodic installer trainings at our facility. Give our service team a call for more information.

Up Coming Classes

Give our service team a call for more information and see our calendar below for upcoming events.

Training Can Include:

  • Classroom/shop instruction & hands-on experience
  • E/One System Overview
  • Troubleshooting
  • Pump Tear-down, Inspection, Repair
  • Motor & Pump Rebuild
  • Electrical Controls
  • Pump Testing
  • Training agenda can be customized

View calendar for upcoming training and events:

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