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We specialize in process solutions for the collection and purification of wastewater from single-family homes to large municipal systems. We have a variety of products that can help with your wastewater application. We can also assist you in the application of state-of-the-art processes for the clarification, treatment, and disinfection for drinking water.

F.R. Mahony offers:

  • Access to an expert team of application engineers who can help you choose the best equipment for your needs
  • Comprehensive, 24/7 service for all pumps we carry and most others
  • Installation inspection, precision alignment, startups, preventative maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair
  • In-house engineering: low pressure sewer system design
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FRMA/Advanced Treatment Systems DistributorFRMA/Advanced Treatment Systems View Company Info Product TestimonialsAmphidrome®; Amphidrome® Plus™; ColdNite™ Lagoon Nitrification; Custom Re-use Systems; Membrane Bioreactors (MBR); RBC Package Plants; Sewage Lift Stations; Treatment System Upgrades/RetrofitsAdvanced Treatment RFQRFQ
Assmann DistributorAssmann View Company InfoRotational Molded Polyethylene Storage TanksTanks RFQRFQ
Aqua-Aerobics Systems, Inc. DistributorAqua-Aerobics Systems, Inc. View Company InfoAqua ElectrOzone™: (Metawater Co, Ltd) Ozone Generation System; Aqua ElectrOzone™: M-Series (Pinnacle Ozone Solutions) Modular Ozone Generation System featuring QuadBlock® TechnologyWater RFQRFQ
Bal-Last DistributorBal-Last View Company InfoInterlocking Ballast Systems for E/One Grinder PumpsSewer Systems RFQRFQ
De Nora DistributorDe Nora View Company InfoTETRA™ Water Filter LP® and U Block® water underdrains; TETRA™ Wastewater Filters; TETRA™ DeepBed Filters – Tertiary wastewater filters; TETRA™ Denite® – Denitrifying deep bed wastewater filters; TETRA™ SAF® – Submerged Aerated (Nitrifying) Filters; TETRA™ ColOX® – Biological wastewater filters; SORB™ Medias for arsenic, nitrate & fluoride removalWater, Wastewater RFQRFQ
Environment One (E/One) DistributorEnvironment One (E/One) View Company Info Product TestimonialsLow Pressure Sewer System Design, Supply & Service; Prefabricated Grinder Pump Stations; Direct Replacement Units for Failed Centrifugal Grinder Pumps; Gravity System RetrofitsSewer Systems RFQRFQ
Franklin Miller DistributorFranklin Miller View Company InfoDimminutor Comminutors; Spiralift Grinder/Fine Screen; Taskmaster Twin Shaft Grinders; Titan High Flow Channel Grinders; Screening Systems; Screenings GrindersWastewater RFQRFQ
Fibracast DistributorFibracast View Company InfoFIBREPlate™ Membranes; Changing the Game on Footprint, Energy and Operational Reliability of MBR’sWastewater RFQRFQ
High Tide Technologies DistributorHigh Tide Technologies View Company InfoSatellite, Cellular or Ethernet Monitoring & Control; Grinder Pump Guardian; Lift Station MonitoringMonitoring RFQRFQ
Lone Star Blower DistributorLone Star Blower View Company InfoIntegrally Geared Single Stage Turbo Blowers; TurboMAX Gearless Turbo Blowers; Multistage Centrifugal Turbo Blowers; Blower Control Systems; RentalsWater, Wastewater RFQRFQ
Lightnin (SPX FLOW) DistributorLightnin (SPX FLOW) View Company Info Product TestimonialsPortable Mixers; Rapid Mixers & Flocculators; Gearbox Exchange Program; Clean Edge Ragless Impeller; Surface AeratorsMixing RFQRFQ
Mooers Products DistributorMooers Products View Company InfoFlexcap Diffusers and Coarse Bubble Aeration; SideCar RBC Aeration SystemsWastewater RFQRFQ
Or-Tec DistributorOr-Tec View Company InfoBelt Press & Thickening; Rocker™ Disc Screw Press; Micro Bar Screen; Screening & Compacting; Flotation SystemsWastewater RFQRFQ
PureAir Filtration DistributorPureAir Filtration View Company InfoOdor Control Scrubbers; Carbon & Permanganate Media; Control Room Corrosion Control; Emergency CL2 Gas Dry ScrubbersOdor Control RFQRFQ
Pall DistributorPall View Company InfoMicrofiltration and Ultrafiltration Membrane Systems; Nano & RO SystemsWater RFQRFQ
Shelter Works DistributorShelter Works View Company InfoBuilt for LIFE: Custom Prefabricated Fiberglass Shelters, Buildings, and Enclosures for systems and equipment built to your specifications. If you need it, they can build it.Equipment Enclosures RFQRFQ
Veolia Water Technologies (Kruger) DistributorVeolia Water Technologies (Kruger) View Company InfoACTIFLO® Ballasted Clarifier; Actina™ Pellet Softening; Activated Sludge Oxidation Ditch; AnoxKaldnes™ IFAS and MBBR; ANITA™ Mox Anammox Deammonification; BioCon™ Sludge Dryer; BioMet™ Sludge Digestor; BIOSTYR® BAF; BioThelys™ Thermal Hydrolysis Process; Ecrusor™ Package Removal; Hydrotech Discfilter; LagoonGuard™ 0°C Lead-Lag Biofilm Reactor; NEOSEP™ MBR; PFAS Removal and TreatmentWater, Wastewater, Stormwater RFQRFQ
Veolia Water Technologies (John Meunier Inc.) DistributorVeolia Water Technologies (John Meunier Inc.) View Company InfoHeadworks and Pretreatment Technologies; Screening Solutions; Grit Removal; Hydrovex® CSO, SSO management; Hydra-Pol® Dry Polymer SystemWastewater, Stormwater RFQRFQ
Walker Process Equipment DistributorWalker Process Equipment View Company InfoClarification for Water and Wastewater; Aerobic Digestion Equipment; Grit and Grease Systems; RBC’s; Rotary DistributersProcess Equipment RFQRFQ
Wager Company DistributorWager Company View Company InfoInflow & Overflow Odor Control Valves for Sewer Lines and Air Release StructuresSewer Valves RFQRFQ
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24 / 7 Service

We are here for your pump repair and other rotating equipment services.

F.R. Mahony & Associates offers a complete array of service options including installation inspection, precision alignment, startup commissioning, preventative maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair.