Shop Repair | Virginia

In our dedicated repair facilities, we provide a full range of pump and compressor repair, including vacuum pump and blower repair. We also offer pump assembly services, as well as complete rebuilds of pumps and air compressors. Our in-shop repair is available for all the products Cummins-Wagner carries as well as most others.

All in-shop repairs begin with disassembly, cleaning, and inspection (DCI) services which provide you with a written report with inspection findings, failure analysis, and repair recommendations.

Our policy is transparency and honesty because we want you to make the best choice for your equipment and its application needs. Because of this, we use the information we learn from the DCI to provide you with a “repair versus replace” cost comparison for your review and approval before we start on the repair.

For the safety of our employees, we do require knowledge of liquids you use and SDS for all non-water applications.