Air Compressors | Philadelphia

Our Philadelphia branch distributes, designs, and services compressed air and vacuum equipment systems from numerous premier manufacturers. We work with you to find the system that will function at optimal efficiency levels to meet your needs.

Cummins-Wagner offers:

  • Access to an expert team of application engineers who design compressed air systems, lead by our Manager of Compressed Air Products & Systems, Master System Specialist
  • Aid in choosing the right system for your needs, maximizing your energy usage with energy savings rebates from major utility companies
  • Air audits to determine your system’s needs
  • Comprehensive, 24/7 service for all systems we sell

Compressed Air Equipment We Carry

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Company LogoCompanyProductsProduct Category
Sullair ProductsSullair View Company Info5 to 600 HP Rotary Screw Compressors, Oil-Free & Lubricated, Centrifugal Compressors, Refrigerated & Desiccant Air DryersCompressed Air RFQRFQ
Airtech Vacuum ProductsAirtech Vacuum View Company InfoVacuum and Compressed Air SystemsCompressed Air RFQRFQ
BEKO ProductsBEKO View Company InfoRefrigerated & Desiccant Air Dryers, Filters, Oil Water Separators & DrainsDryers, Filters RFQRFQ
FS-Curtis ProductsFS-Curtis View Company Info1 to 125 HP Lubricated Reciprocating Compressors, Oil-Less Reciprocating to 15 HPCompressed Air RFQRFQ
Hankison (SPX Flow) ProductsHankison (SPX Flow) View Company InfoRefrigerated & Regenerative Air Dryers & FiltrationDryers RFQRFQ
Nano ProductsNano View Company InfoNitrogen Generators, Breathing Air Purifiers, Refrigerated & Desiccant Air Dryers and FiltersDryers, Purification Equipment RFQRFQ
Ohio Medical ProductsOhio Medical View Company InfoMedical Compressors and Vacuum PumpsCompressed Air RFQRFQ
Powerex ProductsPowerex View Company InfoOil-Less Reciprocating and Scroll Air CompressorsCompressed Air RFQRFQ
Parker/Airtek/Zander ProductsParker/Airtek/Zander View Company InfoRefrigerated & Regenerative Air Dryers, Filtration, ChillersDryers RFQRFQ
ZEKS ProductsZEKS View Company InfoRefrigerated & Desiccant Air Dryers & FiltersDryers RFQRFQ
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24 / 7 Service


We are here to repair and maintain your systems.

Cummins-Wagner offers a complete array of service options including installation inspection, precision alignment, startup commissioning, preventative maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair services.

Compressed Air Audits


Electricity costs make up 86% of the total cost of a compressed air system. Knowing this, our engineers strive to understand how your compressed air system operates in order to design your system. We also work with all major utility companies to help our customers obtain energy savings rebates.

As part of our commitment to you, we offer compressed air audits to ensure your equipment is functioning at optimal levels. We first meet with you on-site to analyze your equipment’s output. We then bring in our flow meters, amp meters, data loggers, measure outlog, and compressor room standpoint. Once we analyze the results, we compose our report and review our findings to make solid recommendations.

Air audits are a way for us to provide logical solutions to our customers. We want to provide you with the best information so we can install an appropriately sized, energy-efficient system. If you have any questions about our air compressors, audits, and potential rebates, please contact us below.

Our Solutions by Industry

Chemical: Our reliable compressed air equipment can be used to maintain plant utilities and production.