Reliability Services Group | New York

Pump Performance Improvement

The RSG works to improve the performance of our centrifugal and positive displacement pumps. We provide service for all the pumps Siewert Equipment carries as well as others. The capabilities to this end include:

  • System Design & Hydraulic Analysis
  • Mechanical & Metallurgical upgrades
  • Variable Speed Applications (VFD)
  • Energy Conservation
  • Pump Station Upgrades

Vibration & Machine Health Analysis

Siewert Equipment has recently added a Vibration Analyst to our Reliability Services Group. Jim Corke has over 30 years of vibration and machine health analysis experience and is a Level III Certified Analyst. Jim is equipped with an Emerson CSI Vibration Analyzer and the latest AMS Machinery Manager Software, ready to help your machinery.

Pump & Seal Reliability

We know your operation is only as reliable as your equipment. Siewert’s RSG works to affirm and improve your industrial or municipal pump’s reliability. We offer certified training and education, performance tests, and troubleshooting. Our capabilities include:

  • Root cause failure analysis
  • Installation expertise
  • On-site troubleshooting
  • Condition monitoring
  • Vibration analysis
  • Hydraulic performance tests
  • Mechanical seal upgrade & repair programs

Custom Machining

Powered by Siewert Certified Service, RSG services your custom machines and provides custom engineered solutions for your equipment’s lifetime, from installation and beyond. Our fully stocked service areas also provide alternative common replacement parts to improve your equipment. Some benefits of custom machining with the RSG include:

  • Machine Repair & Fabrication
  • Engineered solutions
  • Quick turn-around options
  • Extensive experience with legacy brands & obsolete products

Quantitative Analysis & Technical Services examples:

50-year old Fairbanks Morse Vertical Turbine Pump shaft failure analysis
Example of multi-stage pump inspection report
Example of repair report page with as-found dimensions versus tolerance for critical clearances
Pump Improvement Engineering services and Reliability Services Group
Example of quantitative analysis with hydraulic performance assessments and efficiency improvements
Pump engineering services provided at Rochester's Hemlock water plant.
Example of Technical training, webinars, and seminars
Example of Pump mechanics training seminar agenda
Example of centrifugal pump hydraulic analysis at Eastman Kodak
Example of centrifugal pump hydraulic analysis with pumps operating in parallel