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Siewert Equipment offers accredited seminars and training:

Training for Engineers and Operators: 

  • Experienced Trainers: our instructors have over 350 years of combined industry experience
  • Many of our seminars include live demos, glass-faced pumps, and hands-on training
  • We currently have 20 PDH-approved lunch and learn topics to offer
  • Since 2012, we’ve provided continuing education credits to over 2,000 attendees

We Come to You:

  • We offer 1-2 hour lunch & learns at your location
  • We provide coordination and instructors
  • We handle the paperwork and approval process for accreditation
  • We also host several 4-6.5 credit hour seminars every year across Upstate New York
A Deep Dive Into Pressure Sewer System Ownership CostsThis course will provide supporting documentation of real-time costs of ownership and capital cost planning to fit the asset management goals of wastewater collection system managers.1 PDH; 1 DEC
A Review of Chemical Feed Pump Technology and Chemical Feed SystemsA review of chemical feed pump technologies and chemical feed applications. 1 PDH
Advances in TelemetryTelemetry and scada training relates to operation / maintenance/ management of a water/wastewater operation/distribution system because it is a means by which collecting and monitoring real-time data, scada shows an overview of how each key piece of equipment in the system is performing. Collects information from sensors on equipment and sends signals through remote terminal units and PLCs. Scada provides the ability to pinpoint anomalies in the system functions back on collected data, thereby allowing the customer to promptly take action on the issue.1 DEC
Benefits of Progressive Cavity PumpsThis presentation will provide information to engineers and operators for the design and maintenance consideration when specifying and repairing progressive cavity pumps. It will also review a new and innovative approach to maintaining flow output over the pumps lifespan.1 PDH; 1 DEC; 1 DOH
Blended Blower TechnologiesIn this course, you will learn how to implement blended blower technologies and operate them correctly to reduce capital and operating expenses.1 PDH; 1 DEC; 1 DOH
Centrifugal Pump and System CurvesParticipants will learn the basics of centrifugal pumps, various pump designs, and key design differentiators. A hands-on demo will teach pump and system curves and their interactions using realtime “what if” scenarios. NPSH; a difficult concept to understand will be taught via PPTs, and viewed in the demo. We will engage students in conversation to further reinforce the subject matter.1 PDH; 1 DEC
Centrifugal Pump and Hydraulics DemoStudents will leave with the ability to differentiate amongst numerous types of centrifugal pumps and understand how proper selection, operation, and maintenance lead to longer pump life and longer mean time between failures.1.5 PDH; 1.5 DEC
Engineer's Day At The FactoryThe engineers will be touring a local manufacturing facility. The Environment One Corporation manufactures sewer grinder pumpsystems. On the tour, the engineers will walk through the process stopping at various points along the way to understand themanufacturing processes and continuous improvement techniques. Also, the testing and quality assurance areas.1 PDH
Comparing Water Pump TypesThis course will review the basic fundamentals of how centrifugal pumps work, how to read performance curves, and review key terms of use (GPM, TDH, BHP, NPSHa, NPSHr) are. In addition, the presenter will go through several examples of pump selections with the audience responsible for selecting and justifying their pump selections using the above referenced terms of use.1 PDH
Clarifier SeminarWastewater Treatment plants use clarifier pump systems for many different applications. This seminar will address how to select, apply, optimize and maintain various types of clarifier pump systems. 1 DEC
Fiberglass Field Equipment Enclosures Benefits of offsite construction emphasizing the reduced downtime for installation and costs savings because of the plug and play nature of fiberglass buildings.1 PDH; 1 DEC; 1 DOH
Importance of Filtering SeminarLive screening demo that will provide an overview of the various screen types, their importance, and the appropriate screening equipment for treatment systems.1 PDH; 1 DEC
Parallel Series PumpingThis course will help you to understand system hydraulics with regard to Series, Parallel and Parallel-Series pumping in a collection system.1 PDH; 1 DEC; 1 DOH
Performance Capacity Improvements with Unattended OperationThe presentation discusses how the biosolids treatment with drying and management of the biosolids drying system with unattended operation can reduce manpower and increase the performance.1 PDH
Peristaltic Pump Technology - An OverviewPeristaltic pumping technology is one of the – if not the most common pump types in water & wastewater treatment today. Having knowledge of these pumps can be very beneficial in the operation, maintenance, management of existing pumps at WTP or WWTP and could also be a benefit in specifying or procuring of new pumps in the future.1 PDH; 1 DEC
Pressure Booster SystemsThis seminar will demonstrate the various types of pressure booster systems used for different applications and required operations. It will also educate attendees on various product types and control sequences depending on the required pressure boost application.1 PDH
Providing a Sustainable Solution for Sewer Renewal with Pressure Sewer SystemsPressure Sewer Collection Systems use individual residential pumps to convey wastewater flow to a central treatment system, lift station, gravity sewer, or force main. This course will cover the history, overview, advantages, considerations, and operation & maintenance of Pressure Sewer Systems.1 PDH; 1 DEC
Sewage Handling, Self-Priming Factory Pump and System TourThis training will help those attending to better understand the concepts and interaction of the different types of pump curves, what NPSH and cavitation are and different types of pumps are available. It will also educate the operators on how to take proper gauge readings and interpret them. This will empower them to properly troubleshoot their systems and keep their plant running more efficiently.6 PDH; 6 DEC
Sludge PumpingEvery wastewater plant has multiple sludge pump applications. The attendee will learn about the differences (and similarities) of each sludge application and what pumps can be applied reliably on those applications.1 PDH
Submersible Pump Design and Operational DemoParticipants will learn important design parameters for submersibles and why some features end up in engineering specifications. We will also review which of these design parameters are and are not consequential and why. A hands-on demo will teach wet well control schemes. We will see different flow and level scenarios that turn pump(s) on an off.1 PDH; 1 DEC
Total Blower Control - Optimizing Your Process CorrectlyIn this course, you will learn about the opportunities to automate WWTP to reduce capital and operating expenditure while avoiding difficulties when implementing automation.1 PDH; 1 DEC; 1 DOH
Wastewater UV DisinfectionThe theory of ultraviolet disinfection will be provided, along with operational theory and practical application.1 PDH; 1 DEC


With professional licensing credits provided by the Practicing Institute of Engineers (PIE), the NYS Dept. of Environmental Control (DEC), and the NYS Dept. of Health (DOH)*, we can help you stay on the cutting edge of the industry. We handle the accreditation paperwork and approval process for all our seminars and training.

*DOH credits are provided on an as-needed basis, just let us know if you are interested and we handle the approval process.

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