Grinder Pump Repair | New York

Services for E/One Grinder Pumps & Other Sewage Grinder Pumps:

  • OEM Trained & Certified Technicians
  • Technicians have fully equipped service vehicles
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • On-site & In-shop Repair Options
  • New Pump Installation & Startup
  • Failure Analysis & Repair
  • Training Services for Troubleshooting & Repair
  • Fully Stocked New Parts & Pumps
  • Parts Counter for Walk-ins & Immediate Pickup
  • Warranty Assessments
  • Backed by Service Coordinators and Parts Specialists

If you are a current grinder pump customer, or if you’re considering E/One’s low pressure sewer technology for your project, you can learn more about their products here. You can read several E/One grinder pump customer testimonials here.

Is Your E/One Grinder Pump Alarm Going Off?

If alarm sounds, push the silence button located on the outside of the panel box (if your grinder pump is in your basement and doesn’t have a separate panel box, remove the gray cover and push the silence button). Stop use of all water. Wait 15 minutes.

If alarm light stays on, call 800-333-0598 for 24/7 service.

Resources for Homeowners and Builders (click to expand):

Environment One Low Pressure Sewer System Owners Guide

Environment One Sewer System Owners Guide

User Instructions for the Environment One grinder pump

User Instructions for the E/One Grinder Pump

Eone anatomy of a grinder pump picture

Grinder Pump Anatomy

Environment One Low Pressure Sewer System grinder pump residential illustration

Residential Low Pressure Sewer System Illustration

Eone sewage grinder pump service and repair training service proposal

Example of Service Proposal for Sewage Grinder Pump Repair and Training

E/One grinder pump DH071 & DR071 Installation Instructions siewert equipment

Sewage Grinder Pump Installation Instructions and Warranty Information

Siewert Equipment EOne Installation quick reference guide

E/One Installation Quick Reference Guide

Eone Grinder Pump Installation Checklist Siewert Equipment

E/One Sewage Grinder Pump Installation Checklist


Grinder Pump Service & Repair Training

Siewert Equipment offers comprehensive technical training sessions for E/One “Extreme” sewage grinder pumps. The credentials of our trainer, Brett Hess, include over 20 years of experience with Environment One products and “Level 3 E/One Service & Repair Training” Certification that is renewed annually. This certification is the highest level, the same training you would receive from an E/One factory technician.

Training Includes:

  • Classroom/shop instruction & hands-on experience
  • E/One System Overview
  • Troubleshooting
  • Pump Tear-down, Inspection, Repair
  • Motor & Pump Rebuild
  • Electrical Controls
  • Pump Testing
  • Summarization
  • All participants receive printed IOM booklets
  • Training agenda can be customized

Please allow up to 8-hours for the training, and let us know the estimated number of attendees. The recommended class size is 4-10, with a maximum of 12-15 people. Advanced notice is required for custom training agendas to allow for proper preparation.

If you have an E/One Extreme pump in need of repair, our instructor will be prepared to oversee the repair of your pumps as part of the training. There will be no additional charge for the repair service except for the cost of parts needed for each pump repaired, which will be charged separately. If no pumps are available for repair, our training instructor will bring a demo pump or pumps for the hands-on training.

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ALL-TERRAIN SEWER Case Study: Michaels Building Group

For Builders and Land Developers, Environment One has several helpful Customer Experience videos. The video below is an interview with Luke Michaels of The Michaels Group in the Capital Region of NY to discuss how and why his company utilizes Low Pressure Sewer (LPS) for projects. You can watch more Customer Experience videos on our E/One YouTube playlist.