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Our pump carts are versatile and designed for both flexibility and mobility. We build them robust and heavy duty to stand up to your applications, yet lightweight and portable enough to make the process of moving them around your facility convenient.

Stainless Steel Carts Made in the USA

Featuring all stainless steel construction, Cummins-Wagner’s sanitary pump carts are washdown duty, capable of being exposed to washdown, certain chemicals, moisture, and humidity. Built to your specifications, the carts can include either a stainless steel or washdown motor. All pump carts are constructed with a stainless steel frame, durable wheels, and come with Tri-Clamp connections.

All of our engineering knowledge, as well as all of the fabrication and assembly tools, are located right in our shop so that your project never leaves the capable hands of our team. We manage the project from beginning to end so that you receive exceptional continuity of service, as well as a finished product that is customized for your application and your budget.

Pump Options

  • Centrifugal, positive displacement, eccentric disc, or diaphragm pumps
  • Complete range of VFD options
  • Push button Start/Stop controls
  • 3-phase standard, single phase (up to 3HP)
  • Explosion-proof motors


  • Sanitary Tri-Clamp® fittings standard
  • Other connections available upon request
  • Vertical or horizontal mounting for PD pumps


  • Product transfer
  • Tank unloading/loading
  • CIP return
  • Mobile boost pump

Standard Features

  • All stainless steel construction
  • Factory fluid testing capabilities
  • 3-A, USDA, FDA, and PMO complaint designs
  • Pre-wired and programmed control systems available
  • Handle-mounted cord hanger
  • Casters

Benefits of Building Pump Cart Systems with Cummins-Wagner

  • Simplified Purchasing – You have one point of contact, even if you use multiple brands for your process system
  • Cost-Effective – Fewer installation/maintenance charges because we service everything we sell
  • High-Quality Components – You aren’t limited to one brand, and we carry over 80 of the best brands in the industry
  • Engineering Expertise – Our in-house engineers have experience creating systems to meet your specific requirements
  • Best-Possible Design – Built to fit your size, material, and functionality requirements
  • Complete Service and Repair Capabilities – We stock multiple repair kits for every cart we sell, and since we designed your system, we’ll know just how to maintain and repair it.