Weinman (Crane Pumps)

Cummins-Wagner Is a Weinman Distributor

Weinman Pump is a well-respected manufacturer of commercial and industrial-grade pumps. As a subsidiary of Crane Pumps and Systems, each Weinman pump is backed by the company’s more than 150-year history of superior manufacturing. Cummins-Wagner is among the top Weinman distributors, offering a complete selection of quality pumps for commercial, HVAC, industrial, and municipal uses. Weinman pumps are a top choice for municipal water services thanks to their cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and high quality.

Popular Weinman Products From Cummins-Wagner

End Suction Centrifugal Pumps

  • Weinman centrifugal end-suction pumps are an excellent choice for general-purpose pumping. Heavy-duty construction, including cast iron case construction and bronze impellers, and high-efficiency operation make them an excellent choice for HVAC, secondary pumping, and municipal water systems.

Inline Series

  • The Weinman 320e series in-line pumps can handle up to 1,400 GPM flow rates. They install along the same centerline thanks to suction and discharge nozzles with a 180-degree alignment, reducing pipe strain. Weinman inline pumps feature self-adjusting mechanical seals and a built-in purge system.

NSF 61 / 372 Split Case Pumps

  • All Weinman®-Deming® NSF split case pumps meet stringent drinking water standards and carry an NSF 61/372 certification. They feature lead-free materials and FDA-approved seals to meet the needs of drinking water providers.

Single Stage Split Case Pumps

  • Weinman L series and LVM vertically mounted pumps offer reliable, large-capacity performance for general service pumping. They are known for high quality, efficient operation, and low ownership costs. The design ensures simple installation, removal, and routine maintenance. Weinman split case pumps meet AISI, AMSE, ANSI, ASTM, SI, and SAE design criteria.

Cummins-Wagner offers Weinman Products in the following territories:

Virginia (serving the state of VA), with an office in Ashland, VA.

Experts in Commercial & Industrial Pumps

Cummins-Wagner has served as a leading expert in pump products since 1960.  We can recommend pumps that offer the best fit for your application. We also supply Weinman parts for the maintenance and repair of your pumping equipment and 24/7 support on all of the products we sell.

Benefits of Weinman Pumps

Weinman pumps have a reputation for reliable performance, low cost to operate, and durability. They provide numerous benefits:

  • Simple installation and removal
  • Accessible maintenance components
  • Low operating and ownership costs
  • High-efficiency operation
  • Durable construction

Your Weinman Distributors

Cummins-Wagner is a proud distributor of Weinman pumps. Contact us to learn more about our products and find the right pump for your commercial or industrial application.